Research lines & Projects

Since iiDEA is a multidisciplinary group, the following specific areas contribute to the development of our projects:

Thermal Engineering

As one of the main areas, it contributes to the evaluation and design of equipment.
Our members, with strong expertise in thermodynamics and head transfer, provide the necessary skills to the full development, monitoring and counseling of the multiple tasks related to this area.


This department contributes to the analysis biphasic fluids and its phase change, along with the design of separators and turbomachinery.

Design and Manufacture

This area is in charge of the manufacture of equipment, including the evaluation of their mechanical design, blueprints and assembly manuals.

Materials Area

It is responsible for the selection, evaluation and analysis of the materials used in prototypes. In parallel, it makes developments and analysis of coatings and thermal treatments, contributing to the mitigation of corrosion.

Instrumentation and Control

The department has as main objective the supervision and optimization of the main projects developed by the group, in order to guarantee their safety and operational efficiency. The above is accomplished through feedback in the manufacture, assembly, implementation, selection, maintenance and start-up of equipment.

Geochemistry Area

Due to the nature of the geothermal fluid, it is necessary to analyze it and determine its corrosion and fouling potential, along with its relationship with the hydrology and hydrogeology of the area.

Intellectual Property

With the support of the Patent and Technological Transfer Office of the Engineering Institute, this department is in charge of every aspect related to Intellectual Property of the prototypes, devices and blueprints. Its main objective is the legal safekeeping of the products generated by iiDEA, holding their rights in order to, eventually, be transferred to a private investor and begin their massive production and exploitation.
On the other hand, administrative tasks are being carried out by the same Department, including brand and trademark registration along with marketing and merchandising.

Industrial Linkage and Administration

The area of industrial linkage and administration is in charge of the effective coordination of resources. Simultaneously, it promotes relationships with current geothermal projects and industry, increasing the impact of the projects developed by iiDEA group.