Multidisciplinary Projects

Many of the addressed topics by group iiDEA involve the participation of several research areas therefore the creation of academically diverse workgroups is essential to provide appropriated solutions.

Although desalination technologies and the use of renewable energies are being investigated, iiDEA group is involved in many other areas with great importance such as environmental impact, social development in communities from water or energy use, chemistry and treatment of brackish or waste water, as well as the geographical distribution of natural resources and identification of potential sources of energy, among other areas.

Technology developed has not commercial application yet, because of its innovation, but is in testing stage and experimentation practice in both laboratory and field sites. For instance, there are small prototype reverse desalination plants and solar assisted and implemented for automated control osmosis.

In addition, it has equipment in experimental design for thermal desalination in order to exploit geothermal energy as well as electricity generating machines binary cycles that are adapted to the same source of energy.

Also a prototype hydro floating rate for exploitation of the energy of ocean and river currents is in develop.

It counts on physicochemical analysis laboratory for water quality and their geochemical characteristics chromatography and electromechanical workshop where calculations are corroborated and schemes of proposed processes.

Various sponsored studies by the National Water Commission (CONAGUA) for the location and impact of desalination plant have been done, and another one for the problems solution for the use of geothermal energy which was sponsored by Electricity Federal Commission (CFE). Furthermore, group iiDEA works with private companies and Non Governmental Organizations for the use and saving of desalinated water or power agricultural irrigation activities.